Artist’s Statement

When I was ten years old, I strolled into a massive well-sealed circus tent, strapped myself onto a suspended bench and waited for something cool to happen. The lights began to dim until I could no longer see my hands in front of my face. Rock ‘n’ roll music began to blare, a wild wind blew my hair, and a galactic dance party flashed on the walls as the bench spun and whipped me around the tent. Strobe lights sparked through the cherry-pop scented haze.  We were going to crash, but quickly spun away. I was trapped in a psychedelic twister.

It was thrilling, filling me with joy and ecstasy. As an artist, I continue to chase those feelings in each of my own creations.

At the age of twenty-seven, due to a brain tumor, my vision was severely impaired, leaving me legally blind. I was a working artist and decided to adapt my practice to this new challenge. The experience of my loss inspired a renewed optimism and playfulness, which is evident in my artwork.

My creative energy is fueled by American pop culture: movies, television shows, and music—especially 1950’s rock ‘n’ roll. I wore out my mom’s vinyl records.

My creations utilize collage, assemblage, digital manipulation, and serigraphy as these media relate to rock‘n’roll culture. I invite the viewer to experience the psychedelic frenzy of pure joy represented within my collaged images and assembled art objects. Forget your troubles and enjoy the thrills!


Tony Carneiro

12 Colvin Street

West Warwick, RI 02893





State of Art In Rhode Island University of Rhode Island, Providence, RI, 2003 – 2013 Group Shows


Recent Works – AS220 Café Gallery, Providence, RI, 2002, 2005, & 2011 Solo Shows


Art From the Street University of Rhode Island, Providence, RI, 2009 Group Show

Tony Trouble is Going Strong – Cedar Crest Rehab Center, Cranston, RI, 2008 Solo Show

Exhibitions for Disabled Artists VSAarts RI, Atrium Gallery, Providence, RI 1999 – 2006

Group Shows

Tony Trouble’s Hipwact Sock Hop Tufts University Art Gallery, Medford, MA, 2006

MFA Thesis Exhibition



Open All Media Exhibitions South County Art Association, Kingston, RI, 1995 – 2013

The Boston Printmakers Archers Show 808 Gallery, Boston University, Boston, MA, 2007


Sense and Sensibility Tse Tse Gallery, Providence, RI, 2003 – 2006


Student Annual – School of the Museum of Fine Arts (SMFA), Boston, MA, 2004

Big and Colorful  – Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA, 2004

 VSAarts International Festival, Smithsonian Institute, Washington, DC, 2004

Open Mixed Media Exhibit – Providence Art Club, Providence, RI, 2003



Providence Journal – November 2008

Tony Trouble is Going Strong

Alma Matters – Tufts University Alumni Newsletter – Fall, 2006

            Cover Story – A Clear Vision


            Alma Matters Tufts University Alumni Newsletter Summer, 2006



            Art Matters –SMFA Newsletter Fall, 2004

             Excursions in Art


MFA in Studio Art: SMFA, Tufts University 2003 – 2006

            Experimented with installation art created with screenprinting, collage, assemblage and mixed media

Graduate studies in graphic design, Tyler School of Art  1995 – 1996

BFA in Studio Art: Rhode Island College 1989 – 1994

Concentrated in graphic design and experimented with painting, printmaking, photography & mixed media



Creative Consultant & Sales Rep: Providence Picture Frame Co., 1999 – present

Designed & installed gallery artwork and consulted with customers


l = Instructor: Screenprinting Classes: Shepherd Print Studio, Boston, MA  2007 – 2013

Taught screenprinting to professional artists, demonstrated handmade and photographic stencil techniques, also showed mono-print techniques & how to print on various materials.          

          l Screenprinting A-Z: SMFA, Boston, MA – 2006 – 2007

Post Graduate Fellowship:  Devised curriculum, demonstrated a variety of handmade and photographic stencil techniques as well as various printing methods on a wide array of materials and showed the use of Photoshop to prepare images.

l Illustration & Graphic Design: Tyler School of Art, Elkins Park, PA –1995 – 1996

Created curriculum and taught the usage of text and image in drawing, painting & mixed media to adults and high school students for Weekend Art Workshop.

t = Teaching Assistant:  SMFA, Boston, MA – 2004 – 2006.

t Painting Today, selected & organized proper teaching materials & organized field trips to art venues.

tScreenprinting A to Z, assisted with stencil techniques, helped to prepare screens & showed the use of Photoshop to prepare images.

tAdvanced Screenprinting,

Encouraged experimentation in screenprinting as well as honed skills.  Lastly, the students and I created an installation of collaged screen prints on the walls of the Project Space in the SMFA.

Fine Arts Coordinator & Instructor – Fort Meade Youth Centers, MD – 1999 – 2000, Developed curriculums for age groups 5-9, 10-14 & 15-18; taught drawing, acrylic painting, collage & mixed media during summer camp

k = Visiting Artist: INSIGHT, Warwick, RI – 2013

Taught blind and visually impaired children to make texture collages.  The children created their own tactile collages as well as contributed to a larger collaborative piece.

k Toll Gate High School, Warwick, RI – 1999 – 2000

Taught expressive painting in English classes to enable students to create their own expressive interpretations of literary characters, as part of an arts integration program.


Furnished upon request