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My devotion to art has sustained me through many adversities.  As an artist one of my most favorable qualities is my desire to experiment.  The visual arts are the perfect outlet for me to satisfy my curiosity. Graduate study at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts will allow me to expand my creative range.

I was enticed by the diversity and freedom of visual arts while studying architecture at Roger Williams University.  After a year of study I transferred to the Rhode Island College studio art program, concentrating in graphic design.  Following the completion of my foundation courses I was accepted into the BFA program.  At that time I explored various art forms such as photography, printmaking, and painting.  I often combined these media into my graphic design projects.  As a result my student work was highly praised by my professors and my peers.  I further developed and created unique techniques using collage, painting, digital manipulation and sculpture that consistently earned top grades.  Upon graduation I was accepted at Temple University’s Tyler School of Art hoping to obtain a graduate degree in graphic design.

Unfortunately, during my first semester at Tyler exhausting fatigue and debilitating head pain plagued me.  Even though I produced a significant amount of work that earned merit from the professors and students, I began to fall behind and I was compelled to drop several classes. During my time at Tyler I did successfully complete four courses accumulating a 3.76 GPA. However, I ultimately left school to seek medical attention in Rhode Island.

One year later, in 1997, a test revealed a brain tumor that pressed between the optic nerves and pituitary gland.  Fortunately, through brain surgery this benign tumor was drained and destroyed with radiation therapy.  Although I have recovered, the tumor left me with optic atrophy, a visual impairment that causes blind spots.

I was adamant to rise above this impairment and began to create quality art again.  My excitement for expressing myself in mixed media painting demonstrates my dedication to the arts.  This can be seen in entrance to and acceptance to several juried art exhibits.  I have also taught art classes to students in kindergarten through high school and adults of all ages.  These curriculums included drawing, design, painting, printmaking, collage and mixed media.  I offered my abilities as a volunteer in an art integration program assisting high school students to connect painting to literature.  I also organized art exhibits for local artists to present their work at wine tasting held by a local radio station. The continued use of my talents has resulted in my portfolio representing my latest work.

At this point I am ready to take on the challenges of a graduate program.  I believe that the Tufts studio art program at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts is the perfect match to my interest in all aspects of the fine arts and my desire to experiment within this realm.





Antonio M Carneiro

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